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Jul 14, 2021

Show Notes 

Hi All. Charlie Hedges here. Today’s show is sort of a potpourri of life learnings with Christina Dylag. Christina is the author of a new book, Tiny Little Boxes, which is a very delightful journey into the thoughts of a brilliant young woman.

The subtitle of Tiny Little Boxes reveals a bit of Christina’s unique and provocative thinking. It reads: “How to Cope with Existential Dread by Way of Ice Cream and Other Things.”

In this episode Christina and I chat about the Velveteen Rabbit, a very unique cocktail lounge she and her sister started in Las Vegas, Nevada. But mostly we engage in a discussion on her witty and friendly philosophical ponderings about life, the universe and everything (to quote Douglas Adams).

This is such a fun show. Be prepared to chuckle and to think about life through the fresh eyes Christina Dylag.

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