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Jan 27, 2021

Show Notes 

You know I think that some of our shows on The Next Chapter with Charlie really “hit the mark” And I think… This is one of “those shows.”

Our guest, Pete Callahan built of one of California’s most highly successful law firms to assuming the role of Chairman of the Board of a fledgling charity....

Jan 20, 2021

Show Notes 

In this episode Terry Hershey and I wrestle with the role of spirituality and God in our country’s most difficult crisis in January 2021.

Sometimes clear and sometimes bewildered, we remain at the mercy of our hearts, resting in the attentive mercy of grace.

Truly, this is as vulnerable and as truthful a...

Jan 6, 2021

Show Notes 

Well today, Paul, our life coach Dena Crowder and I will wrap up 2020 by reviewing my personal year and then trying to determine “what essential life wisdom lesson did I learn this year?”

Dena Crowder is THE best at digging deep into the inner self to help determine wisdom lessons learned in life.