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Jan 26, 2022

Show Notes  Today we’re about to go down deep and stay down long into the subject: Is it morally good to focus primarily on your own personal happiness?

Author Peter Schwartz says… “From childhood, we’re taught that helping others is the essence of morality. And most people take this code of ethics for granted....

Jan 19, 2022

Show Notes 

When I began The Next Chapter with Charlie back in 2014, I came up with the descriptor which is,The Next Chapter: In Search of Meaning, Adventure, and Awe.

Since that time, I have written and podcasted a boatload about the Meaning of Life, but not as much on Adventure, and even less on Awe. And yet, Awe is...

Jan 12, 2022

Show Notes 

Today is an unusually important show. My friend and CEO of Wells of Life, Nick Jordan, spent all of 2021 battling with Stage 4 colon and lung cancer. The odds of survival were not good. But let’s come to the end of the story right away.

After 2 surgeries, 4 months of chemotherapy, 75 radiation treatments,...

Jan 5, 2022

 Show Notes 

NOTE: It is with a bit of hesitancy that I publish this show. I get scary vulnerable. Oh well. I like the result… so, here you go.


I am what you might call an “ideological planner.” When I do personal annual planning, my purpose is about understanding and growing my inner life. I like to work...