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Apr 5, 2017


Today is a different show. I’m calling it a “solo-sode.” Just me, and Paul Today I plan to delve into a very unusual philosophical conversation that impacts us regularly.

I want to talk about “how we know what we know.” Philosophers call it epistemology. It’s a very tricky discipline. The ultimate question is “What is truth and how does you know what you call truth is true?” Especially, when extremely intelligent people disagree with you. Time Magazine’s cover story this week is, “Is Truth Dead?”

After all truth cannot really be proven. I see three disciplines: philosophical, scientific, and moral or ethical truth. The first, philosophical truth, I refuse to even discuss. For more than 3 thousand years philosophers have wrestled with this question and arrived at dozens of conclusions. I’m not going there.

Secondly, scientists believe theories are true because they can be “proven.” Well… that’s true, as long as you accept the current methodology of proof—math. I’m comfortable with that… until some form of Artificial Intelligence (or human) discovers some new methodology. Which is certainly possible.

But for now, scientific proof is even debatable. Different scientists studying the same subject have multiple hypotheses based on the same science. Okay… the world is not flat. That is truth. But Aristotle was saying that thousands of years ago.

But I am much more concerned with ethical/moral truth. That’s our subject today.


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