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Apr 24, 2019

Show Notes 

On today’s podcast I plan to be perhaps be just a bit controversial by challenging one of our society’s prime objectives—personal growth. In truth, this may be a follow up to the show we did with my son on the tension between personal improvement and personal contentment.

My question, I guess, is this:...

Apr 18, 2019

Show Notes  

My special guest today is Terry Goldfarb, a networking special who is going to show us “how you will never have to look for a job again.” Now In know that is a bold statement but after spending a couple hours with Terry I get it.

First of all, finding a new job is much more about relationships than it...

Apr 9, 2019

Show Notes 

Today my guest is our friend, Terry Hershey and do we have a bold subject today: It called “Instructions for Living.” Don’t worry; we’re using Instructions taken from another author. Instructions from Terry and me… hmmm.

For those of you that are not familiar with Terry Hershey, he is the author of...

Apr 3, 2019

Show Notes  

Our guest is Jonathan Fischer, a certified hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, having worked in these fields working for more than 15 years now. He is the primary content creator for Mindifi Hypnosis Apps, with millions of downloads world-wide." 

Jonathan also likes to say he has his...