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Jan 24, 2018

Today’s guest is Jamie Lerner. Jamie is a therapist, a coach, and the co-author of the book, The Ever-Loving Essence of You.

You know, I really have enjoyed our last couple of weeks with Taryn Voget. And they align precisely with our guest today. Two weeks ago we talked about Putting Yourself First (by...

Jan 17, 2018

Today I’ll be visiting once again with my friend, Taryn Voget. Last week Taryn and I talked about loving yourself and putting yourself first.

Toward the end of the show Taryn brought up a recent opportunity she had to lead a small group of co-workers at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on How to Discover Your...

Jan 10, 2018

Today I’ll be visiting with my friend and, whom I call, my spiritual guide, Taryn Voget. 

A bit about Taryn Voget: Taryn is an Executive Coach to high-level professionals, which today includes folks at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Pretty cool work. She devotes the bulk of her energy to her passion of helping...