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Mar 30, 2022

Show Notes 

Just recently we did a show with Terry Hershey on Creating Inner Space for Change. The idea was that in order for meaningful life change to occur, you must first “declutter” your mind and your activities. I believe it is show #231, so listeners might want to check that one out because today I plan to...

Mar 23, 2022

Show Notes 

Today, our recording day is March 17th or St Patrick’s Day, so I have brought on an Irish man to talk a bit about why we celebrate St Patrick’s Day and then talk a lot about poverty in the world.

My guest is a very fortunate cancer survivor, Nick Jordan, who is CEO and

Founder, Wells of Life, Inc. a...

Mar 15, 2022

Show Notes 

Okay, truthfully… today is a show I very much look forward to hosting. It is yet another episode with my dear friend Terry Hershey. Now typically, Terry and I have some rather challenging philosophical issue to discuss and it’s always a blast to do that kind of show.

But today will be a bit different....

Mar 9, 2022

Show Notes 

Our guest today, Dr Tiffanie Tate Moore, is the poster child for resilience. Raised by an Aunt, in Compton CA, because both her parents were strongly addicted to drugs and alcohol. Dr Tiffany grew up to be valedictorian, an OBG/YN Surgeon, a medical Officer in the United States Navy, and having a successful...

Mar 2, 2022

Show Notes 

I’m loving the title of the new book by our guest today, Dr Pamela Gerali. It’s called The Dance of the Ego and Essence. In our discussion today we will talk about “who we really are” in are in our deepest and truest selves and what it is that prevents us from living in harmony with that truest...