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Sep 15, 2021

Show Notes 

Our show today is a fun experiment. I have invited Nese Dolan, Director of Communications at Wells of Life and active law student to be on her very first podcast, not as a guest but as host!

Yes. I couple months ago Nese interviewed me for an Onboarding Project for her new job. Her interview was outstanding....

Sep 7, 2021

Show Notes  

Sometimes really good things occur totally un-planned and today’s show is one of those times. Serendipity!!!

Truth is, only this morning I had a very last-minute cancelation with my guest today. So as I was planning a “solo-sode” on the Craft of Creativity, I happened to receive a text early...

Aug 31, 2021

Show Notes 

I believe we covered very fresh ground today on this entertaining and informative show with Labor law attorney Teresa McQueen. What Teresa learned early in life as a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas she has used to transform her hugely successful law practice. Now she even spreads her intelligent and...

Aug 24, 2021

Show Notes 

“You could be retired for decades — so you might as well get good at it!”

Our guest today, Andy Robin, truly “loves what he writes.” In his recent book, The Tapas Life, Andy articulates fresh ideas about living a delicious life—one with all the tastiness of a Tapas meal. And for those of us not...

Aug 18, 2021

Show Notes 

My guest today, Christine Naman, offered me unusually candid insights in matters of addiction in younger adults and how they are not as “uncommon” a many think. Drugs are so available, so commonly used by young adults and so especially soothing to the bullied and unaccepted child. Although not limited to...