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Mar 23, 2022

Show Notes 

Today, our recording day is March 17th or St Patrick’s Day, so I have brought on an Irish man to talk a bit about why we celebrate St Patrick’s Day and then talk a lot about poverty in the world.

My guest is a very fortunate cancer survivor, Nick Jordan, who is CEO and

Founder, Wells of Life, Inc. a group that is committed to bringing clean water to 1,000 communities in Uganda and beyond. And as that dream is about to come true the end of this year, 2022 as we March to a Million. What that means is not only will we serve 1000 villages, but that effort to mean that we have provided clean water to 1 MM people.

It has taken us 12 years to get here and our plan is to reach 2 MM people served with water by year-end 2025.

Born, raised and educated in Ireland, Nick holds a bachelor’s degree from University College, Dublin. 


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