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Apr 8, 2020

Show Notes 

Today we’re doing something new… again. Since we are all sheltering in our homes, in quarantine, I have found many suggestions for maintaining sanity. One of the best suggestions out there is the one that satisfies a fundamental human need for connection: And that is “making phone calls” to friends, especially long lost friends.

So, what I decided to test is making one of the conversations on the podcast—live. The format is that I have contacted the person beforehand, just to let them know I wanted them to be on the podcast. And then I call them from the show to hold our “catch up in life” conversations.

Today’s conversation will be with my dear friend, Taryn Voget, a genuine gypsy in life and work. Still, very successful… and unique.

I hope you enjoy this experiment.

NOTE: we have just started testing the process, so expect a couple faux pas.

You can reach Taryn at

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