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Jun 13, 2018

Show Notes

Today we are honored to have with us from Sardinia, Italy Elena Perella, founder of Sentidu, which is an original life coaching process she developed after years of study and personal experience.

Elena says that since she was a child she has been very sensitive to other people's suffering, which awakened an interest in human behavior, that later became a real passion.

She received a Master’s degree from The Netherlands, in Latin American Studies with a focus on Literature and Cultural Anthropology. Her study helped her to better understand the reasons and dynamics that cause people to act as they do.

Her work in international environments reinforced her natural openness to people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs, and fine-tune her abilities to understand people's emotions and be receptive to them.

Elena then decided to move back to Sardinia, Italy, where she went on to further shape her own business, Sentidu Life Coaching.

To wrap up this introduction I’d like to read Elena’s description of her work:

“In creating Sentidu my life experiences were fundamental because it is from those experiences that I relate to my clients. I suffered from a severe depression, eating disorders and I was also a victim of domestic abuse. By coaching myself throughout them, I changed my life and felt inspired to support people who are ready and eager to learn about themselves.”

With that said let’s move on to Elena Perella. 

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