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Jun 6, 2018

Show Notes 

Today we are going to discuss a newer movement that I am seeing in our society today, especially with Millennials and, oddly enough, retiring Baby Boomers. I’m observing that movement as one going from the American ideal of Making Money to one that is more concerned with Making a Difference. I’m calling this show, From Money to Meaning.

My guest today is Mike Olsen. Mike was a successful Civil/Structural Engineer and Project Lead at an engineering firm when he decided earlier this year to accept to a full time role as Operations Manager of the non-profit, Wells of Life. This new job requires ten hours each day in addition to work on the weekends. And he did this all for a significant reduction in salary.

So I wonder… what in the world drives the Mike Olsen’s of the world to make such a decision 

Listen in on the show to discover some fascinating alternative lifestyle choices.

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