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Feb 28, 2018

Show Notes

Today I’d like to chat with you, and our producer Paul, about a subject that is most dear to me. Bottom line it’s about the positive impact each of us can make on the lives of other people: from the ones we love the most to just about anyone we engage with in a meaningful conversation.

As I have stated often, I have concluded that my single most important goal in life to help people feel better about themselves. It’s really not all that difficult, requiring only that you, in some way, communicate to them that they are important to you

Obviously there are myriad ways to do so but I would like to focus today on one thing, the Art of a Caring Conversation. Although the word “conversation” implies a two-way interaction is it actually too often a one-way conversation help be two people each with their own agenda and each with their own things they want to talk abou

I have operated for more than 3 decades with the belief I learned from a psychologist that people have 3 primary innate needs: To be heard, to be accepted (by some group that we view as important), and to be cared for or cared about. When those are met we discover a sense of well-being and deep personal satisfaction.

Today I’d like to focus on that first need: to be heard. So today I want to talk about the art of listening and suggest 3 traits that make for an excellent listener.

They are simple: Kindness, empathy, and curiosity.


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