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Oct 17, 2023

Show Notes 


Our fascinating guest today is a game-changer in progressive psychiatric treatments to manage mental issues like anxiety and depression and ADHD. 

Dan Karlin is the Chief Medical Officer of a company called MindMed, whose mission is to improve patient outcomes by unlocking the full therapeutic potential of psychedelics and other novel therapeutic targets. 

So yes. Today’s show is all about psychedelics and improvements in mental health.  

As a hippie in the 1960’s I am not unfamiliar with LSD and psilocybin. So I have plenty of questions. Dan has plenty of responses.  

Just a bit on our guest: Dr Dan Karlin joined MindMed as Chief Medical Officer in February 2021 following MindMed’s acquisition of HealthMode, the company he co-founded and led as CEO. Prior to HealthMode, Dan served as the Global Clinical Lead at Pfizer. He is Board certified in Psychiatry and Addictive Medicine. 

In other words, Dan Karlin knows what he is talking about. So, let’s bring him on the show. 


Click HERE to learn more about Dan Karlin and MindMed (at