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Jun 21, 2023

Show Notes 

Our fascinating guest today is Linda Rossetti. Now… In her latest book, Dancing with Disruptions, Linda offers insight into the shifts that occur repeatedly when we begin to think deeply about “who we are.” Often these shifts in the way we think about ourselves come as a result of challenging disruptions. 

Regarding disruptions Linda writes: “Despite popular beliefs to the contrary, I have come to understand that our times of disruption and upheaval are perfectly normal, common, as well as a signal for meaningful growth.”

On today’s show Linda and I spend a lot of time focusing on the power of self-talk and how you might “turn up the volume” of your own voice. 

Linda Rossetti is a business leader with a Harvard MBA. Her latest book, Dancing with Disruption, comes after a decade of research, and interviews with nearly 300 people. And with all that research, Linda brings some unexpected conclusions regarding the impact of significant changes that occur to all of us. 

Linda is the author of two books, Dancing with Disruption, and also Women & Transition. And she hosts the podcast titled Destination Unknown. Her work has been featured on NPR, NBC, and Money Magazine. 


Check out Linda Rossetti’s latest Dancing with Disruption 

Be sure to visit Lind’s brilliant website: