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Feb 22, 2017

Our guest today is Simon Johansen, adventurer, traveler, and sometimes worker in the oil and gas industry.

When I travel alone I stay in airbnb’s. It’s an inexpensive and informative way to travel. Often the hosts will guide you to the best places to visit based on your individual needs.

I’m a lousy tourist. I don’t care about famous sites and cathedrals and castles. I’m interested in the modern art museums, people and their culture. So sometimes I end up in some pretty strange places and sometimes remarkable places.

In Oslo I was really fortunate. My host was out of town for two days so I had his entire two bedroom apartment to myself for a mere $65 per day. Plus, it was within 5 -10 minutes of everything in Oslo City Center.

Then on my third day Simon arrived and took me on a special guided tour that satisfied all my desires. I love Oslo. In fact, it has become one of my favorite cities in Europe. And I’m here in the coldest season. Believe me, Scandinavia can get cold.

Simon is only 29 years old but he is far more mature than his age. You will discover the truth of that in the interview. We plan to talk about adventure, what to look for in a foreign country when your not a tourist, and the benefits of becoming more of a world citizen by learning that your way of life is not the only way of life.

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