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Nov 2, 2021

Show Notes 

As you already know, I absolutely love contrarian thinking. Anyone who challenges the so-called “norm” will almost automatically get my attention. And that is precisely what our show is all about today.

Elizabeth (or Ellie) Gould makes a most compelling argument for the use of “feeling” our way into success in life. In our left-brained “thinking-oriented” world, our feelings are often regarded as an enemy or roadblock to success. Instead, Ellie advocates the Power of Your Emotions in her successful book, Feeling Forwards with the notable subtitle: how to become the person who has the life YOU want.

Ellie is a best-selling author, entrepreneur & personal reinvention coach who has worked with Tony Robbins and Randi Zuckerberg.

Please enjoy my enlightening conversation with Ellie Gould as we discover how to Harness the Power of Your Emotions.


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