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Aug 3, 2021

Show Notes 

After a couple months of hiatus, I am so pleased to welcome back my friend and frequent podcast guest Terry Hershey.

In today’s show Terry and I discuss the mostly American need for the overuse of superlatives in our daily speech. In this episode we talk about words like “great,” and “best” and “favorite.” Why is it when asked “how you doing” we commonly fall back to the phrase, “Great. I’m doing great!” Really??? How can you be doing great—all the time.

Or what about “what is your favorite movie? Huh, before Covid I went to the movies twice a week. How could I possibly have a favorite?

Instead, Terry suggests that it might be better if we were to give ourselves, “The Permission to be Ordinary.”

And with regard to Ordinariness Terry goes so far as to suggest that “The ordinary is the hiding place of the holy.” Wow! That is SO true.

Please enjoy our conversation with my ever so insightful friend, Terry Hershey.

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