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Nov 4, 2020

Show Notes 

The show today and our guest, Lindsay Davis, are very special. Although Lindsay and I only recently met, we hit it off like a couple of deeply kindred spirits. I think our listeners are in for a real treat.

Today Lindsay Davis and I will take a deep dive into what I’m calling “Flirting on The Edge of the Unknown.” In our chat, we will discover how venturing into the unknown can result in the discovery of our truest inner most self, in spite of the deep fears of facing the unknown.

We seem to have so much fear of the unknown. In fact, I have found, in life, an unfortunate truism if far too common, and that truism is “A bad known is preferable to any unknown.”

Lindsay Davies is most sought after professional coach, educator, and classical concert musician. Lindsay is a veteran of living on the Edge of the Unknown. As a “converted perfectionist,” she discovered and continually nurtures a new, fresh and innovative approach to life.

Her journey and her deliciously “unknown destination” will be the heart of our discussion today.


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You can also sign up for the upcoming release of her new booked of Journals with a request sent to her email address.


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