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Jul 1, 2020

Show Notes 

Today I plan to dedicate our show to an unsung but essential topic: I want to discuss the potential shortcomings related to economic and social aid to the Developing World, (or in old terms, 3rd World countries).

Basically, the question is this: is your investment in the poor and disenfranchised in the Developing World being administrated with the longer term needs of communities being considered, or… is it about short term walk away money?

My guest, Darrel Larson, has vast philanthropic experience in several foreign countries, including Fiji, the Philippines and several countries on the continent of Africa.

With hearts for developing the social good to the most needy in the world, Darrel and I will spend our time today discussing how oftentimes, our desire to serve the poor and disenfranchised can frequently result in short-term benefit, but longer term disadvantage.

I recently watched a documentary titled, Poverty Inc. (a quite informative and a bit disturb documentary) that developed the concept stated in Steve Corbett’s popular book, When Helping Hurts. The thesis: if we give resources such as money, or in my case water wells, without empowering the communities to assume responsibility of these gifts we have given them, the result can be “dependence on foreign aid,” instead of independence, self-determination and self-respect. Like the familiar adage, we are giving them fish, not teaching them to fish.

Today, we will discuss the idea of projects “with” locals verses projects “to” locals. Three types of giving will be discussed: Relief Giving, Alleviation from Poverty Giving, and finally, Developmental Giving.

My guest, Darrel Larson is a seasoned vet in international affairs regarding poverty. He is currently International Director of Sawyer Filters, which provides clean and safe water for thousands of homes across the world. Darrel is also founder of the non-profit, Give Clean Water, and he has served Outreach Pastor at two churches in San Diego.


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