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Jun 26, 2020

Show Notes 

I think the show today show is so timely for June of 2020. Not only is the entire world continuing to contend with the limitations and restrictions of a pandemic, we in the US also find ourselves in a time that calls for deep reflection, both personal and social.

Our show today is all about deep personal reflection. I so look forward to chatting with successful entrepreneur Ashley Stanley about the kinds of mindsets and beliefs that keep us stuck in our own sandbox.

The intent of the show today is to uncover some of our own Limiting Beliefs. Each of us possesses unique potential, but because of fear and misguided understanding we are often reluctant to pursue that potential because of our Limiting Beliefs.

My guest, Ashley Stanley, is a business coach and… an incredible brand and website designer. Ashley empowers female entrepreneurs to, what she calls, boldly do the dang thing and start an online business… without having to deal with that feeling of “overwhelm!”

Boy, am I keen on this topic. It’s going to be fun.

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