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Nov 13, 2019

Show Notes  

I believe our show today is the most unusual one I have ever done. The reason is, I know almost nothing about our guest today, Will Crist, except that we have experienced some similar paths in our background. He is a priest; I was a minister. He is a consultant and executive coach; I was a consultant and executive coach; and he currently has his own podcast titled, “The Pilgrim on the 405.”

So you get to be part of an unrehearsed and almost totally unprepared conversation between two guys who have experienced life through three similar and unique combinations of life choices.

So let’s discover what Will Crist and Charlie Hedges have in common as well as discovering the wonder of how similarities are, at the same time, naturally unique and distinct.

So… let’s do it. 

You can reach Will Crist at

You can get more information and regular updates for Charlie at