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Sep 10, 2019

Show Notes 

Today we are privileged to have with us Wendy Hooper Ross, a successful real estate agent and residential market analyst.

Wendy’s story will most certainly resonate with all of us as we discuss loss, grief and recovery.

Wendy met her future husband at an industry event in 2011 and soon became incredibly close friends over the next few years. They finally admitted they were made for each other and began their romance in early 2017. Soon after, her husband’s cancer, which had been in remission for nearly 3 years, came back and they went headlong into the battle together. It became clear in 2018 that he was losing his fight and they were married. 41 days later he was gone.

Wendy says, “I lost my love and my dearest friend that day. Now a new life begins.”

So let’s chat with Wendy about loss, grief and recovery.


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