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Jul 24, 2019

Show Notes 

My very special guest today is author, professor, world traveller, and impressive observer of life, Dr. Robin Moriarty. With a most fascinating bio Robin Moriarty, is a highly regarded thought leader for businesses and non-profit organizations. She has lived on four continents and traveled to 60+ countries. As adjunct professor at Duke University, Dr. Moriarty taught cross-cultural leadership to future global leaders. She regularly shares her observations.

Her new book is titled What Game Are You Playing? A Framework for Redefining Success and Achieving What Matters Most and it comes out September 2019. I am really forward to reading it.

Dr. Moriarty talks frequently about being gutsy. She writes that gutsy is not about being reckless with yourself or others. It’s about defining your own version of success and gaining the confidence and courage to go after what YOU want rather than pursuing what OTHERS expect of you 

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