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Jan 24, 2018

Today’s guest is Jamie Lerner. Jamie is a therapist, a coach, and the co-author of the book, The Ever-Loving Essence of You.

You know, I really have enjoyed our last couple of weeks with Taryn Voget. And they align precisely with our guest today. Two weeks ago we talked about Putting Yourself First (by Loving Yourself) and then last week we did a fabulous show in how to Discover Your Genius during which we put our producer Paul Roberts through a process of discovering his genius. It was a blast!

Today I’d like to conclude these discussions, with what I’m calling The Wonder of You, with a very special guest, Jamie Lerner.

I’m excited to see exactly what emerges in our discussion with Jamie on The Wonder of You.

A bit of background on Jamie Lerner: After earning her MSW at Loyola University, Jamie Lerner spent several years in private practice, working with adults and couples. As a therapist she continues to explore the many avenues to maintaining a balanced and happy connection with yourself and others. She has developed what she refers to as an integrative approach to well being

Jamie believes that people are amazing, beautiful, filled with light and love, passion, joy and enthusiasm. She also believes that we are beings with intuitive knowing and infinite intelligence. We can learn anything, can have everything and w are powerful manifesters that thrive in well-being. 

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