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Mar 20, 2017

 My guest today is Sanford Coggins, president of VisionWise Capital, a company primarily focused on how investing in commercial real estate (not so overly focused on stocks and bonds) can support your dreams. VisionWise Capital controls $51M of real estate assets since its start-up in 2013.

Check out some of Sanford’s impressive credentials:

Sanford has a unique background as a Commercial Real Estate Broker/Principal, with 25 years as a Wealth Advisor. He worked for 16 years as Vice President, Wealth Management Advisory at Merrill Lynch, where he managed over $100M in client assets. In addition, Sanford co-developed a three-year $77M pilot project to create financial opportunities for ethnically diverse communities.

Sanford earned Merrill Lynch’s Lifetime Achievement Award for leadership and excellence. But most important to me, he was a quarterback at UT (the University of Texas at Austin) on a four-year scholarship.

Today I want to chat with Sanford about a couple of things. One has to do with Sanford’s willingness to risk leaving a successful and established career at Merrill Lynch and then moving on to His Next Chapter of Entrepreneurship. And Second, we plan to explore rethinking the way we invest our savings. I may also want to hit on the touchy subject of the state of savings and investments among Baby Boomers.


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