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Sep 13, 2022

Show Notes 

Have you ever thought about YOUR Brand? What it is that you want to be known for? Well, today we will find discover the value Personal Branding and how each of us can manage our brand, and our reputation.

Our guest today, Chellie Phillips, is a “personal branding” expert. She is a coach, corporate trainer, and motivational speaker as well as the author of two books, When in Doubt, Delete It and Get Noticed, Get Hired.

It seems to me that Chellie’s branding work is all about Getting Noticed and how you can direct that process.

That’s because Chellie is on a mission. Her goal is to help others tune in to what makes them great, package it properly, and use their existing skillset to find the path to their highest potential!

Helpful Links

Check out Chellie’s book: When In Doubt, Delete It

Find out more about Chellie Phillips on her website: