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Jun 8, 2022

Show Notes 

Hey Paul. Today, instead of sitting with you in studio, right now I am sitting on my sofa in my apartment in Lisbon, Portugal. I was out today roaming the town and finding myself surrounded by throngs of tourists. Man, I have a distaste for crowds. And I do have a bit of frustration with tourists that expect nationals to behave in ways that suit their personal desires.

Life is different in a foreign country and, truthfully, that is precisely what makes a foreign country so attractive—it is “foreign.”

This is a different kind of trip for me. I am spending more time in my apartment than usual, seeing fewer sights that usual because I am reading and writing. Still, I do not feel the same as I do at home.

Different “home” with different people, foods, and habits.

Please join Paul and me for an update on “Adventures in Solitude in Lisbon.”