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Dec 14, 2021

Show Notes 

Well … here we are in the 2nd week of our Christmas/Advent series titled Has God Become Irrelevant? In just 20 years church attendance has declined by 23%, for 70% attendance in in the year 2000 down to 47% in 2020.

Although the are indeed many sociological and religious reasons for this decline, I believe that we have a grand misunderstanding of the nature of the divine Godhead. The all-too-common view of God is that of a judgmental punitive white male that will “get you” if you don’t toe the line.

As a result of my studies of the Bible and a plethora of theologians is quite different.

Last week we presented the idea that God is not an unattached stoic but instead demonstrates on multiple occasions the depth of his “feelings” like suffering and mourning and sadness, as well as exuberance and joy and satisfaction.

Today I am talking with one of our most popular guests, life coach Lindsay Davis, about of the nature our human connection with divinity based on what is called in the Bible, Image of God.

The theory is this: every single longing we have as human beings is either a direct or indirect reflection of how we are created.

With that statement, let’s bring on Lindsay Davis to discuss with me the nature of God’s love as it pertains to sin and desire and godliness.


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