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Dec 2, 2020

Show Notes  

I am very passionate about the topic for today. You see I have sort of an aversion what is known as “linear growth.” You know, the old 3 or 5 Steps to Accomplishing the Life You Want.

I think linear growth is quite effective when learning and even mastering a particular discipline. But… even then, there comes a point when the novice reaches the Master level and at that time goes into a “free form” mode, using all that has been learned but now to freely create with competence.

And so I wonder about the way we use the word “growth” in personal development. Unfortunately, growth frequently assumes a missing link of competence, a sense of incompleteness. When the truth is, growth is always “additive.” Personal growth is all about adding to our already existing sense of reservoir place and purpose in life.

For that reason I came upon a metaphor for growth: ladders of trellises.

Let’s talk more about it with Producer Paul.

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