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Jul 4, 2023

Show Notes 

The topic for today’s show is yet another surprise… for you and for me. 

My guest has been on the show a couple times and is one of our most popular guests. Courtney Marchesani is a marvelous conversationalist. She is a health and wellness coach who is not only brilliant and provocative, but she also offers practical wisdom that impacts all our lives.

Because of our conflicting calendars Courtney and I did even have an opportunity to chat about potential topics. So today will be an opportunity for me to probe the mind of Courtney Marchesani, which may likely include ideas around Mystical Experiences and Visions visions of angels.

Let the energy of our relationship make the call as to what our subject may be. Sounds like fun.

With that, let’s join the chat with my friend, Courtney Marchesani.