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Jan 30, 2019

Show Notes 

Boy do we have a special show today. Our guest is one of my very favorite people on the planet. It’s my son, Austin Hedges. Austin is an expert on our subject today, which will be all about the tension between finding personal contentment with your life and the other side of a never-ending desire for self-improvement. Are the two compatible? That’s what we’ll talk about.

You know, I had never even really thought much about the subject until Austin brought it up to me in the last couple of weeks. After a bit of consideration, it truly is quite a vexing tension. I can’t wait to discuss it.

Just briefly, let me explain why I think Austin Hedges happens to be an expert in this subject. Austin’s job description is one in which employees are never supposed to be satisfied or content with their performance. He is a professional athlete as the starting catcher for the San Diego Padres. Improvement is always expected. Is it possible for a professional athlete to be content and still seek to improve?

Let’s see what Austin has to say. 

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